June 20-22, 2024
Fort Worth
Convention Center
Fort Worth, TX.
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American Towman TowXpo
Towing's Gateway to the Southwest
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TowXpo Exhibits
Meet exhibitors
on the show floor
TowXpo is an industry-wide event where towing and recovery professionals get to meet and talk with major manufacturers of wreckers, carriers, trailers, truck chassis and offers all the tools and equipment towers need to be successful.

Attendees will be able to meet with major motor club representatives, dispatch systems providers, GPS companies and equipment finance sources. They will also be able to see the latest in safety apparel and equipment.

American Towman Conferences feature towing and recovery experts from a wide range of industry specialties with a wealth of knowledge and experience. From business operations and staff training to working with your local police and municipalities, digital marketing and better profit margins, there's something to be gained for everyone in these conferences.

When the workday is done, there's plenty of relaxation and fun to be had. 10 Gallon Gala features casino games and a delicious meal. The Big Smoke is great way to catch up with friends and kick back with a fine cigar and a drink. There's something for everyone at the towing industry's favorite summer break at TowXpo.
Exhibit Hall Hours:
Friday, June 21, 11 am - 5 pm
Saturday, June 22, 11 am - 5 pm
Fort Worth Houston Street & Stock Yards
Discover the Modern West

Fort Worth  is the 12th-largest city in the United States, known for Texas hospitality and a dozen remarkable districts full of culture and fun. The historic western Stockyards featuring the world’s only twice-daily cattle drive and Billy Bob’s Texas, the world’s largest honky-tonk and the new Mule Alley, as well as a connected downtown with the 35-block Sundance Square entertainment district. You can visit the stunning museums of the Cultural District, the Botanic Garden and nearby Fort Worth Zoo.
  • Relax in Sundance Square Plaza under the enormous umbrellas, grab a bite to eat on a patio or take a selfie in front of the whimsical water fountains.
  • See a performance in the acoustically perfect Bass Performance Hall, known for its towering angels carved in limestone.
  • Located in Sundance Square, the Sid Richardson is a free museum that showcases the art of the American West.
  • Explore the gorgeous Fort Worth Water Gardens, a refreshing urban oasis next to the Fort Worth Convention Center.
  • Visit the JFK Tribute in General Worth Square, which honors President Kennedy’s historic stay in Fort Worth.
  • Take a break in Burnett Park or Hyde Park – home of the sleeping panther.
  • Hop aboard Molly the Trolley, a bus service that circulates between downtown hotels and hot spots.
Once home to cowboys, cattlemen and outlaws, today the Stockyards National Historic District is one of the most popular attractions in Texas. Day and night, visitors come to the Stockyards to get a taste of the true American West.
Fort Worth Convention Center
Western heritage and hospitality meets modern culture and sophistication in this fast-growing metropolitan city that boasts one of the most walkable downtowns in the U.S., a renowned cultural arts district and a historic Stockyards district.

• 25 minutes from DFW International Airport
• Located in the heart of downtown
• Free transportation throughout downtown on Molly the Trolley
• Surrounded by first-class hotels, restaurants, shops, galleries and performance venues
American Towman Academy
No one does educational conferences like American Towman. Get in on these in-depth Intelligence Briefings critical to a Commander In Chief of an emergency road service operation. Learn from industry leaders about crucial issues in managing a towing business.
Carte Blanche Passport:
Access into all American Towman Academy Conference-Seminars, $150 with advance registration. $225 after June 16.
Business Operations
Carte Blanche Passport
Protecting Evidence Hold Vehicles
Towing for law enforcement requires the handling of evidence hold vehicles and how you handle them can be detrimental to preserving valuable trace evidence. Fingerprints, DNA, fibers, paint transfer, vegetation or dirt stuck in tire treads or fender wells, and tire tread marks are just a few of the sources of evidence that could possibly be disturbed through the towing companies handling of the vehicle. Protecting evidence hold vehicles includes special handling of the transport, secure and limited access to the storage area and proper documentation. This seminar will discuss ways tow companies can avoid contaminating valuable trace evidence.
Instructor Terry Abejuela from American Towman
Friday, June 21, 8am
SCRA Strategies: Best Practices for Towing and Storage
An SCRA violation can quickly cost a storage facility ten of thousands of dollars. This presentation will review the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, break down how it affects towing companies and VSFs, and review the lessons learned from DOJ lawsuits.
Instructor Brian Walters from The Walters Firm
Friday, June 21, 9am
Locked and Loaded: Corporate Structuring to Safeguard Your Towing and Storage Business
Proper corporate structuring is one of the most fundamental you can protect your business. This presentation will review how to structure your business to isolate operations, protect high value assets, reduce administrative/state oversight, and keep your business running smoothly.
Instructor Brian Walters from The Walters Firm
Friday, June 21, 10am
Don’t Kill your Golden Goose- Protect & Perpetuate your Towing Busines
Discover the tools towing & recovery owners can use to become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes, and achieve financial peace of mind.
Instructor Larry Oxenham from American Society for Asset Protection
Friday, June 21, 10am
A Compliant Vehicle Storage Facility in an Environmental World
Know how the regulators classify your facility based on the wastes and pollution generated from damaged vehicles. Understand the hazards damaged EVs present even if they don’t catch fire. Know how to classify, store, and dispose of wastes generated from traffic accident cleanup. Be trained in “good housekeeping” duties and protocols that can help keep you in compliance when dealing with debris cleanup wastes, vehicle fluids and damaged electric vehicles (EVs).
Instructors Ed Grubbs & Jim Figueira from Environmental Chemical Solutions
Friday, June 21, 10am
Vehicle Fluid Cleanup and Your Tow Service Agreement (TSA), Insured, and the Law
(1.5 hours) Do you respond vehicle traffic collisions? We examine the law, regulations, tow service agreements, dealing with insurers, and getting paid for your work. Knowledge is power. Know what to expect and how to minimize and overcome the obstacles in the performance of your duties and your right to get paid. Learn protocols, hazards, and free resources available to you when responding to EV accidents.
Instructors Ed Grubbs & Jim Figueira from Environmental Chemical Solutions
Saturday, June 22, 10am
Carte Blanche Passport:
Business Operations Conference is a part of the Carte Blanche Passport, you may purchase the passport at registration.
Building Revenue
Carte Blanche Passport
Selling Your Towing Business? You Have Given Your All, Don’t Leave Any Money on the Table
Are you thinking it is time to sell your towing business? Laura Gay will lead this powerful presentation littered with extensive education and take aways related to all things of selling and exiting your business. Selling is an extremely emotional stressful process, Laura will talk thru the how’s, what to expect, pitfalls, and how to come out a winner.
Instructor Laura Gay from Collision Coach
Friday, June 21, 8am
Towing Advertising, Marketing and Websites
Get more cash calls from Google. The team at OMG Tow Marketing will teach you the importance of optimizing your online presence to improve your ranking on Google. From Google verification issues to generating positive reviews and building towing websites, we will give you the tips you need to succeed.
Instructors Jared Fischgrund & Chris Blake from OMG Tow Marketing
Friday, June 21, 9am
Under the Hood with Google
Get the inside scoop on optimizing online, enabling your tow company to rank highly in search, advertise efficiently, earn more positive reviews, and ramp up cash calls in your service area.
Instructor Kevin McMillan from Lift Marketing Group
Saturday, June 22, 9am
Carte Blanche Passport:
Building Revenue Conference is a part of the Carte Blanche Passport, you may purchase the passport at registration.
Straightening Your Company
Carte Blanche Passport
KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) Texas Lien Notification Process
This class will be over the Texas Lien Notification process covering timelines, letter requirements, TDLR compliance, and how Auto Data Direct streamlines this process for Texas towers. The class is targeted towards those just starting out in the industry, those interested in learning about ADD’s applications outside of records, and current ADD users that want to learn tips and tricks to help their lien process.
Matt Harvey and Felicia Harris from AutoDataDirect, Inc.
Friday, June 21, 9am
Carte Blanche Passport:
Straightening Your Company Conference is a part of the Carte Blanche Passport, you may purchase the passport at registration.
Carte Blanche Passport
Highway Safety
Survival when working on the side of the road requires the proper attitude and a strong and consistent commitment to safety. This seminar will cover development of the proper attitude and techniques to reduce your exposure to highway hazards, avoid complacency and provide a safer work environment on the side of the road. Emergency lighting, safety apparel, truck positioning, and more will be discussed.
Instructor Terry Abejuela from American Towman
Saturday, June 22, 10am
Electrocution Hazards at Crash Scenes
Discusses electrocution hazards when recovering vehicles at crash scenes that involve roadway infrastructure such as; light poles, traffic signal control boxes, etc..
Instructor Bobby Tuttle from CIRT
Saturday, June 22, 11am
Carte Blanche Passport:
Safety Conference is a part of the Carte Blanche Passport, you may purchase the passport at registration.
Controlling Your Cost
Carte Blanche Passport
Applying Technology To Contain Insurance Costs
360 degree Video Coverage, Forward Collision Avoidance, Lane Departure Warning, Drowsy and Distracted Driving Detection, Move Over Awareness Warning Systems MOAWS, Remote Warning Devices, Safety Signage.
Instructor Scott Watkins from Mobile Video Computing Solutions LLC
Saturday, June 22, 8am
Carte Blanche Passport:
Controling Your Cost Conference is a part of the Carte Blanche Passport, you may purchase the passport at registration.
Carte Blanche Passport
Liability in Hiring – Are Your Policies Exposing You to Extra Risk?
Hiring is tough, but it can also expose you to severe liabilities if not done properly. Join Brian as he explores some common mistakes made in the interview and qualification phases of hiring, especially when hiring drivers or technicians. This seminar covers best practices on a Federal level, your state may have additional restrictions.
Instructor Brian Riker from American Towman
Friday, June 21, 8am
Toxic Culture – Is Your Company Suffering From the Effects of a Bad Employee?
Many owners tend to overlook a bad attitude if the employee with the bad attitude is a high performer. This creates a toxic environment that causes everyone to suffer. Explore options to prevent this and advice on how to correct your company culture if it is already toxic. A must attend resource for today’s leader that wants to build a high-performance team.
Instructor Brian Riker from American Towman
Saturday, June 22, 9am
Winning Your Culture War
Understand how habits are defining your company's culture. Learn how to create the habits that will result in the company culture you want and eliminate the habits that are holding you back!
Instructor Bear Godfrey from WreckMaster
Saturday, June 22, 10am
Carte Blanche Passport:
Safety Conference is a part of the Carte Blanche Passport, you may purchase the passport at registration.
Independent Courses
Independent courses take more time to focus on critical issues. These courses are not a part of the Carte Blanche Passport and have a separate fee.
Presenting Company:
Recovery Business Success
Independent Course
A special three-hour course geared towards the business end of recovery. Three crucial steps for recovery business success will be covered: Documenting the Recovery; Billing the Recovery; and Collecting on the Recovery Invoice.

Ron Myers, Pine Tree Towing.
Friday, June 21, 9am - 12 noon
Independent Course:
$250/person; OR $350 after June 16
American Towman Quick Clearance
Certification Course
Independent Course
Arm your company and its tow operators with accepted quick clearance methods, on-scene incident management preparation, essential communications with police and fire command. Test follow 3 hours course, require for American Towman Quick Clearance certification card.

Ron Meyers, Pine Tree Towing
Saturday, June 22, 8am - 11am
Independent Course:
$75/person; OR $150 after June 16
Hands-On Training
& Show Floor Training Courses
The nation's top trainers are ready and eager to teach YOU how to be the best tower you can be.
Presenting Companies:
CIRT Heavy-Duty Training / Level B
Hands-On Training
$595 - ($695 after June 16);

Thursday, June 20, 8 am – 5 pm (includes lunch); 
CIRT Heavy-Duty Training Course / Level B: Part I: 8-hours Classroom: Training on Towing & Recovery Techniques by CIRT Instructor Bobby Tuttle, Lunch & Passport Included

Friday, June 21, 8 am – 12 noon
CIRT Heavy-Duty Training Course / Level B Hands-On: Part II: 4-hours Hands-On: Location: 1653 Houston Rd, Burleson, TX 76028 (Shuttle Provided)

by CIRT Instructor Bobby Tuttle

Classroom topics include:
• Critical Roadway & Scene Safety Tactics
• General Tow Truck Ratings
• Equipment Ratings: Chain, Nylon Rigging, Wire Rope, Winch
• Various Heavy Duty Towing Techniques
• Techniques for Air Brake Release & Driveline Removal
• Recovery: Winching Resistance, Anchoring, Snatch Blocks, Attachment Points

Classroom instruction includes:
• Demonstration Props
• Attendee Handbooks
• Certificate of Completion
• Door Prizes
• Q & A

Hands-on techniques include:
• Proper Attachment and Rigging for Recovery
• Rig and Perform Upright of Overturned Vehicle
Presented By:
WreckMaster Light-& Medium-Duty Training
Hands-On Training
Instructor: Bear Godfrey

$550 – ($650 after June 16);

Part I • Thursday, June 20
8 am - 5 pm (8 Hours Classroom)

Part II • Friday, June 21
8 am - 5 pm (8 Hours Hands-On): Location: 1653 Houston Rd, Burleson, TX 76028 (Shuttle Provided)

A 16-hour Light & Medium Duty training course presented by WreckMaster instructor Bear Godfrey. Our flagship training course, Level 2/3: Fundamentals course focuses primarily on light-duty vehicles, with introductory techniques for medium and heavy-duty work. Fundamentals is best for business owners, company managers, trainers, health and safety reps or any career-oriented operators.
Presented By:
TDLR Approved Courses
Conducted by Southwest Tow Operators (STO)
CE Provider #1616
Contact STO Directly: 972-247-9454 to Register

Available Courses:

Friday, June 21, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
TDLR "Continuing Education 4 Hour Course" #28196
$75.00 member, $100.00 non-member  
If you are renewing your TDLR CT or PP license, or if you are renewing your 2nd+ year IM license, you will need to take this 4-Hour CE course. Must have TDLR number in order to take this course.

Friday, June 21, 8:30 am- 5:00 pm
TDLR "Texas Incident Management 8 Hour Course" #28195
$175.00 member, $225.00 Non Member 
The 8 Hour Course is for the 1st year's renewal requirement for an IM License.  Must have TDLR number in order to take this course.

Saturday, June 22, 1 pm - 3 pm
Southwest Tow Operators Certification Testing for IM or PP License
$75.00 Members, $100.00 non-member 
This course is required to obtain an PP or IM License.
Presented By:
Allstate Safety and Technical Information Series
Allstate Roadside will present informational sessions led by industry experts. During exposition hours, attendees will have the opportunity to expand their industry knowledge and skills by attending presentations on topics including growing your business, becoming a “Next Level Operator,” technical updates from General Motors and Ferrari, and electric vehicle best practices.

Friday, June 21, 2024
Time Safety and Technical Sessions Presenter
12:00 pm Recommended by the Manufacturer
Review of manufacturer's recommendations for attachment points, jump points and other key service steps.
Mike Farmer
1:00 pm Understanding Today’s Vehicles
Technical information and service situations on electric vehicles and internal combustion vehicles.
Paul Stephens
2:00 pm Electric Vehicle Transport
Electric vehicle roadside service tips and best practices.
Paul Stephens
3:00 pm Ask the Experts
Two experts discuss leading industry challenges.
Brian Riker/ Paul Stephens
Saturday, June 22, 2024
Time Safety and Technical Sessions Presenter
12:00 pm Roadside Safety
What it takes to make your company safer.
Brian Riker
1:00 pm Avoiding Damage Claims
Examine how operators can protect themselves and prevent damages.
Paul Stephens
2:00 pm Are You Working the Job, or is the Job Working You?
Analyze processes from dispatch to drop off.
Paul Stephens
3:00 pm Checking in on your EV Education
Review methods of EV safety, towing and roadside service.
Mike Farmer
Presented By:
TowXpo Events
The Big Smoke & Cattle Roundup, Masters Of Chaos Awards Dinner
10-Gallon Casino Night, and More.
American Towman Expositions are more than just tow shows; our Legendary Hospitality puts us a cut above the rest! Prepare for our networking opportunities, parties, and more.
Event Schedule:
Schedule Available Soon
Masters Of Chaos Awards Dinner
Dinner celebrating towmen skilled in quick clearance and recovery.
Attendees receive a commemorative "Masters of Chaos" pin at the dinner.

The dinner is open to all show attendees.
Sheraton Hotel, 1701 Commerce St, Cypress Ballroom
Thursday, June 20, 6:30pm Reception, 7:30 - 9:30pm Dinner
Adults: $85 pp
Children: $45 pp
The Big Smoke & Cattle Roundup
Bite into a Juicy Steak, 1 drink and draw from a Premium Cigar with other Cattlemen in the towing trade who enjoy this great combo.

$125 per person
Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House, 5330 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX 75254
Friday, June 21, 7:30pm - 9: 30pm

Transportation provided: Shuttle will leave at 6:30pm from Fort Worth Convention Center at 1101 Houston Street.
Sponsored By:
10-Gallon Gala - Casino Night
Join in all of the fun
for this exciting night!
Attendees take their chances while playing for a cash pot in the annual Ten-Gallon Casino Night. "Gamblers" from all over the Southwest flock to this event. Get yer loaded dice and marked poker cards ready! Just kidding, pardner! But seriously, this event is not to be missed! Yee-haw!

Participate in the 10 Gallon Raffle for the chance to win incredible prizes!
Friday, June 21, 5pm - 7:30pm

Fort Worth Convention Center - Concourse level.
Co-Sponsored By:
Prize Sponsors:
Saturday Pie
Join us on the Exhibit Hall Show Floor for Saturday Pie! Choose from a variety of your favorite pies and enjoy as you continue through the Southwest's premier towing trade show.

Exhibit Hall
Saturday, June 22, 3:30pm
Sponsored By:
Kids Korral
Join in all of the fun!
TowXpo is a family affair. The Kids Korral area sponsored by GEICO is set up on the show floor to accommodate all the children who want to color, get their very own balloon animal "pet", or have their faces painted. It's a great spot for the kids to have fun… and the grown-ups, too!

On the Show Floor during Exhibit Hall hours.
Sponsored By:
Southwest Tow Operators Legislative Conference
Who Should Attend: Tow business owners from Texas (but open to all)

With the 89th Legislation Session approaching upon us it is important to take part in this year's Legislative Conference. This is the time to let your Association leaders know what legislative issues are important to your business. Get involved so that we can keep our industry strong!

Come learn what critical issues we face this session and what you can do to help fight for PRO-INDUSTRY bills. Don't think your voice at the capitol doesn't matter. When we visit the capitol, the representatives TAKE NOTICE. It is critical that we make our voice heard. PLEASE DON'T sit back and expect others to do the work.

Don't miss this opportunity to be heard. Your voice matters!

Saturday, June 22, 8:30 am - 11:00 am
Sponsored By:
USA Wrecker Pageant
Wrecker Pageant
& Award Ceremony
The towing industry's most amazing wreckers from the West compete for the USA Wrecker Pageant. Pageant contestants vie for the Cup in several weight classes.

Entry: $100 • Light-Duty (Pre-2024), Light-Duty (2024-2025), Medium-, Vintage (25+ Years)
Entry: $150 • Service/Support Truck, HD Single Axle, HD Tandem, Rotator, Carrier.

A towing company may enter one truck per class and up to 3 trucks.

Voting for Best In Show takes place on show floor during Exhibit Hall hours.

Ceremony will take place at the Fort Worth Convention Center
Saturday, June 22, 4:30pm

Garage Legends
Compete with other shop owners and car enthusiasts in an auto showcase indoors on the exhibit floor.

$100 per entry

Cars will be entered into four major car categories:
Restored Pickup
Custom Pickup
Restored Automobile
Custom Automobile
Pageant Car & Truck Wash Information:
Hotel & Travel
You can book your hotel following registration
Travel Discounts Available, Click Here

Hampton Inn
Discount Deadline: 05/19/24 • Discounted Price: $135 / night
About the Hampton Inn: Free hot breakfast, free Wi-Fi in room & lobby, indoor pool, fitness center
Distance from Convention Center: 0.1 miles / 3 min

AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown
Address: 101 West 5th Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102
Discount Deadline: 5/18/2024 • Discounted Price: $169 / night
About: Free Wi-Fi, restaurant, fitness center, room service
Distance from Convention Center: 0.5 miles / 11 min. walk

Embassy Suites
Address: 600 Commerce Street, Fort Worth, XT 76102
Discount Deadline: 5/20/2024 • Discounted Price: $209 / night
About: Free continental breakfast & complimentary evening reception, free Wi-Fi, indoor pool, fitness center, restaurant
Distance from Convention Center: 0.3 miles / 6 min. walk

Aloft Fort Worth Downtown
Address: 334 W 3" Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102
Discount Deadline: 5/29/2024 • Discounted Price: $140 / night
About: Free Wi-Fi, fitness center, indoor pool, restaurant, convenience store
Distance from Convention Center: 0.4 miles / 8 min. walk to Fort Worth Convention Center

Fairfield Inn & Suites Fort Worth Downtown/Convention Center
Address: 1010 Houston St., Fort Worth, XT 76102
Discount Deadline: 5/18/2024 • Discounted Price: $199 / night
About: Valet parking service only at $36 per night.Free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, business center, fitness center, pet friendly
Distance from Convention Center: Across the street from Fort Worth Convention Center

Hilton Fort Worth
Address: 815 Main Street, Fort Worth, XT 76102
Discount Deadline: 4/16/2024 • Discounted Price: $192 / night
About: Free WiFi, fitness center, indoor pool, restaurant, convenience store
Distance from Convention Center: .4 miles / 8 min. walk

Le Meridien Fort Worth
Address: 811 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102
Discount Deadline: 5/31/2024 • Discounted Price: $209 / night
About: Free Wi-Fi, restaurant, outdoor pool, convenient store, fitness center
Distance from Convention Center: .1 miles / 3 minute walk to Fort Worth Convention Center

Special Note: